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Basketball - 20. March 2009.

Competition Schedule for the 2009 FIBA U19 World Championship for Women

GENEVA/BANGKOK (FIBA U19 World Championship for Women) - FIBA would like to announce the competition schedule for the 2009 FIBA U19 World Championship for Women.

The 8th FIBA U19 World Championship for Women, a tournament featuring 16 teams comprised of players born in 1990 or after, will be played from 23rd July to 2nd August 2009 in the Bangkok Thai-Japan Youth Center located in Thailand's capital. The Bangkok Thai-Japan Youth Center is a sports complex which features two basketball arenas within 150 meters' distance from each another.

Please note that all tip-off hours listed on the below schedule are local time in Bangkok, Thailand:

1.Preliminary Round:

23rd July 2009:

Group A:
Game A1 (12:00 hours):Francevs.KoreaArena I
Game A2 (14:15 hours):Argentinavs.AustraliaArena I

Group B:
Game B1 (16:30 hours):Czech Rep.vs.LithuaniaArena I
Game B2 (19:30 hours):Thailandvs.Brazil Arena I

Group C:
Game C1 (12:00 hours):Tunisiavs.JapanArena II
Game C2 (14:15 hours):Russiavs.CanadaArena II

Group D:
Game D1 (16:30 hours):Spainvs.USAArena II
Game D2 (19:30 hours):Chinavs.MaliArena II

24th July 2009:

Group A:
Game A3 (13:00 hours):Australiavs.FranceArena I
Game A4 (15:15 hours):Koreavs.ArgentinaArena I

Group B:
Game B3 (17:30 hours):Lithuaniavs.ThailandArena I
Game B4 (19:45 hours):Brazilvs.Czech RepublicArena I

Group C:
Game C3 (13:00 hours):Canadavs.TunisiaArena II
Game C4 (15:15 hours):Japanvs.RussiaArena II

Group D:
Game D3 (17:30 hours):Malivs.SpainArena II
Game D4 (19:45 hours):USAvs.ChinaArena II

25th July 2009:

Group A:
Game A5 (13:00 hours):Francevs.ArgentinaArena I
Game A6 (15:15 hours):Australiavs.KoreaArena I

Group B:
Game B5 (17:30 hours):Thailandvs.Czech RepublicArena I
Game B6 (19:45 hours):Lithuaniavs.BrazilArena I

Group C:
Game C5 (13:00 hours):Tunisiavs.RussiaArena II
Game C6 (15:15 hours):Canadavs.JapanArena II

Group D:
Game D5 (17:30 hours):Spainvs.ChinaArena II
Game D6 (19:45 hours):Malivs.USAArena II

The 3 best-placed teams in each group will qualify for the Eighth-Final Round.

The teams placed 4th in each group will qualify for the Classification Round for 13th to 16th places.

Important note: The order of the games and the arenas for each of the further rounds will be determined after the last day of the preceding round.

26th July 2009: Rest Day

2.Eighth-Final Round:

The 12 teams qualified from the Preliminary Round will be divided into 2 groups (E and F) of 6 teams each.

The 3 teams placed 1st to 3rd from groups A and B will play in Group E.

The 3 teams placed 1st to 3rd from groups C and D will play in Group F.

Each team will play the 3 new teams in its own group (the final scores of all games played in the Preliminary Round are valid for this Round).

27th July 2009:

Classification:Game 25 (13:00 hours):A4vs.B4Arena I
Game 26 (13:00 hours):C4vs.D4Arena II

Group E: Game 27 (15:15 hours):B2vs.A2Arena I
Game 28 (17:30 hours):B3vs.A1Arena I
Game 29 (19:45 hours):B1vs.A3Arena I

Group F:Game 30 (15:15 hours):D2vs.C2Arena II
Game 31 (17:30 hours):D3vs.C1Arena II
Game 32 (19:45 hours):D1vs.C3Arena II

28th July 2009:

Classification:Game 33 (13:00 hours): Loser 25vs.Loser 26 (15 - 16) Arena I
Game 34 (13:00 hours):Winner 25vs.Winner 26 (13 - 14) Arena II

Group E:Game 35 (15:15 hours): A3vs.B3Arena I
Game 36 (17:30 hours): A1vs.B2Arena I
Game 37 (19:45 hours): A2vs.B1Arena I

Group F:Game 38 (15:15 hours): C3vs.D3Arena II
Game 39 (17:30 hours): C1vs.D2Arena II
Game 40 (19:45 hours): C2vs.D1Arena II

29th July 2009:

Group E:Game 41 (13:00 hours): B2vs.A3Arena I
Game 42 (15:15 hours): B3vs.A2Arena I
Game 43 (17:30 hours): B1vs.A1Arena I

Group F:Game 44 (13:00 hours):D2vs.C3Arena II
Game 45 (15:15 hours):D3vs.C2Arena II
Game 46 (17:30 hours):D1vs.C1Arena II

The teams placed 13th to 16th return home after their last game.

The teams placed 1st to 4th in each group will qualify for the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals.

The teams placed 5th and 6th in each group will qualify for the Classification Round for 9th to 12th places.

30th July 2009: Rest Day


31st July 2009:

Classification:Game 47 (13:00 hours):E5vs.F6Arena II
Game 48 (15:15 hours):E6vs.F5Arena II

Quarter-Finals:Game 49 (13:00 hours):E1vs.F4Arena I
Game 50 (15:15 hours):E3vs.F2Arena I
Game 51 (17:30 hours):E2vs.F3Arena I
Game 52 (19:45 hours):E4vs.F1Arena I


1st August 2009:

Classification:Game 53 (13:00 hours): Loser 47vs.Loser 48 (11 - 12)Arena II
Game 54 (15:15 hours): Winner 47vs.Winner 48 (9 - 10)Arena II

Game 55 (13:00 hours): Loser 49vs.Loser 50Arena I
Game 56 (15:15 hours): Loser 51vs.Loser 52Arena I

Semi-Finals:Game 57 (17:30 hours): Winner 49vs.Winner 50 Arena I
Game 58 (19:45 hours): Winner 51vs.Winner 52 Arena I


2nd August 2009:

Classification:Game 59 (11:15 hours): Loser 55vs.Loser 56 (7 - 8)Arena I
Game 60 (13:30 hours): Winner 55vs.Winner 56 (5 - 6)Arena I

Finals:Game 61 (15:45 hours): Loser 57vs.Loser 58 (3 - 4)Arena I
Game 62 (18:00 hours):Winner 57vs.Winner 58 (1 - 2)Arena I

About FIBA

FIBA (www.fiba.com), the world governing body for basketball, is an independent association formed by 213 National Federations of basketball throughout the world. It is recognised as the sole competent authority in basketball by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Its main upcoming events are the 2009 FIBA Zone Continental Championships that qualify for the 2010 FIBA World Championships for Men and Women, to take place in Turkey and in the Czech Republic respectively.

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