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Clarks Summer Sandals

Ixia D Ty Grey/Blue Leather

Designed for those on their feet all day, this sports sandal combines simple lines with soft grey leather. Superior comfort comes from the unique atsu footbed, whose beaded surface gently massages the soles of your feet. A Velcro fastening ensures a flexible fit.

First impressions-I thought these look different; I actually let my 12 year daughter try them because of the colour and style.  She loved them, she wore them to youth club to show all her friends and they all wanted a pair. Extremely comfortable with the atsu footbeb. The velcro diagonal fastening gave the sandal a unique design, something different and it added that special quality to every girls foot. My daughter liked the fact that no-one else had a pair.

From clarks you can buy them for £39.99 , well worth the price for the comfort and like most Clarks shoes if looked after they will last you a very long time.



Image of Ixia D Ty


Insignia T Ty Grey/Blue Leather

With feminine pink stitching and grey/blue leather, this sandal is designed to keep feet feeling comfortable even in hot temperatures. With three adjustable Velcro straps, the revolutionary Tyon closure system is fully adjustable under the arches, offering a customisable fit and feel.

Like the Ixia sandal before, this pair also was of a fantastic standard, now at %50 from Clarks an absolute bargain at Buy from Clarks for £22.49


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