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Kiteboarding - 08. October 2008.

Cindy Mosey Island Odyssey Start Day Update

CMIO 2008 Aitutaki, Cook Islands


Aitutaki is one of the 15 tiny islands that make up the Cook Islands chain,
with Rarotonga being its capital. The tropical, turquoise waters and breathtaking surrounding islands of Aitutaki that have previously been home to the TV programme "Shipwrecked"
are this year the venue for the third annual Cindy Mosey Island Odyssey. 12 girls from all over the world sharing the same passion and enthusiasm for kiteboarding have travelled the miles and come together to the picturesque island of Aitutaki to enjoy a weeks worth of kiteboarding.


The girls will get to experience first hand expert advice and tips with the 1-2-1 clinics from pro riders, Cindy Mosey, Kristin Boese, Emma York, Ania Grzelinska and Laurel Eastman in the idyllic flat, warm waters of Honeymoon Island. The week is packed full of kiteboarding at several of the islands around Aitutaki, a downwind race, snorkelling and all the fun of exploring the beautiful island itself.
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