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- 10. May 2007.

Carey Lowery wins the SERC #4 (AMBC) -Ducktown, Tennessee

Women Pro/Expert (22 miles) 1 Carey Lowery 2 Paula Burks 3 Natasha Cowie 4 Loretta Simpson 5 Ellen Carroll 6 Philica Marion 7 Shannon Mathis Morrison 8 Kayla Whitaker 9 Julie Whitaker 10 Norma Rainwater 11 Holly Longley 

Sport Women (22 miles) 1 Emily Parker 2 Gina Tolbert 3 Kyley Cross 4 Rachel Whitaker 5 Missy Goebel 6 Lauren Mika 7 Abby Tucker 8 Rhonda Eichenberger 9 Ali Elliot 10 Ruth Ference

Beginner Women (11 miles) 1 Susan Yandel 2 Nancy Fields 3 Corrie Whitaker
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