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Rio Olympics 2016 - 26. May 2008.

Canoe/kayak venue contract put out for tender


THE contract to construct the £20 million white water canoe centre for the London 2012 Games at Broxbourne was put out to tender by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) today.

The centre will be built in Hertfordshire to host the canoe / kayak slalom events during the Olympic Games in 2012.

After the Games, the venue will be developed to become a leisure facility for canoeing and white-water rafting, as well as a major competition venue for elite events.

The centre will be managed by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, who own the land.

The venue will be built on what is currently the overflow car park for the Showground site of the River Lee Country Park , between Waltham Cross and Theobalds Grove stations.

The alternative site was chosen following the discovery of some contamination at the original Spitalbrook site last October which made the proposed development of the site unviable.

The ODA have today put the contract out to tender for construction companies to build the new venue and facilities including:

· Land Formation – Placement and compaction of fill to form the landscaped features of the venue, ranging in height from four metres to 12 metres at their highest point

· Pavilion and Pumping House – Construction of a new pavilion, containing reception, café, changing rooms, admin offices, spectator viewing facilities, equipment storage, and water pump/filtration facilities

· Canoe Course Formation – Creation of an international standard slalom canoe course, warm-up/practice area, and finish lake

· Landscaping Works – Landscaping works with path and bridge networks throughout the venue to facilitate spectator access and viewing

David Higgins, the ODA chief executive said: “The new world-class facilities we are building at Broxbourne show that 2012 will be about more than just London, it will be a nationwide Games spreading benefits around the country.

"This contract is chance for construction companies to deliver first-class facilities for the world’s best athletes in 2012 and leave the lasting legacy of a major leisure attraction for Broxbourne and the east of England region for many years to come”.

Sebastian Coe, chairman of London 2012, said:  “Broxbourne will provide a world class venue for Games time and an excellent facility for elite athlete and community usage after the Games, living up to our promise of leaving a lasting legacy for sport.

"We look forward to seeing this exciting venue taking shape.”

The Broxbourne construction contract has now been posted on the CompeteFor website (www.competefor.com) - London 2012’s chosen website for publishing Games-related contract opportunities.

The contract is expected to be awarded in early 2009, with works starting in Spring 2009.

The venue is due to be completed for Games training and testing in 2010-2011.

During the Games, temporary seating will be installed around the venue for spectators.

After the Games, the spectator seating will be removed, and the venue will be developed into the Broxbourne White Water Canoe Centre, creating a major leisure attraction for canoeing and white water rafting as well as a venue for future international competition.

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