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Cycling - 23. June 2012.

British Mountain Biking Series 4

Saturday was cloudy, miserable and raining, but despite the weather I had a fun pre ride around the course in the mud! Due to the fun race later in the afternoon the conditions for the race the next day were a whole lot different but very enjoyable.

Race Day

6.15am wakeup call and the exact same preparations were made for the morning. I was in quite a relaxed state of
mind, or maybe I was just still half asleep but I didn’t feel that nervous. This is the first occasion I have felt this way so
it was kind of strange but quite nice in a way too.

Arriving at the event arena in good timing I could relax, gather my thoughts and focus on the race…my race! A last
minute adjustment was made to my shifter as It was too far under the handlebar, which slightly interrupted my warm up but it need to be done so a backup warm up was in place!!

I was gridded third, which meant I was on the front line; a good position to be in and a clear run off the start. With 3
laps of the course, which sounds short but considering the conditions it was just right, I was ready to race. I felt like I
was waiting to go in to a battle with armour and weapons prepared for a tough fight! The gun went and I hit the pedals
as hard as I could up the fire track. My start was pretty good and I was a comfortable position. After the sharp right
hand bend to climb up more fire track other riders were passing me; despite this situation I wasn’t concerned, I just
kept pedalling ‘myself’ up the climb in ‘my way’.

Hitting the first bit of single track I was slowly pulling riders in. At times there were sections in the woods where we all
had to run, as it was just too muddy and slippery to ride. Most of us Elites were still close together and when it came to
the descents I was zooming down. I gained at least 4 places whilst others were running with their bikes, which made
me feel so confident for the rest of the race.

Maxine Filby, Jessie Roberts and myself were riding together or should I say we were running! To be honest I found it
quite amusing the amount of times I was hopping on and off my bike, at one point I laughed so much I couldn’t get on
my bike; I had to throw myself on it otherwise I would have ended up in the trees; not that I hadn’t already!
By the end of By the end of lap two Maxine had made a break and it was myself and Jessie battling for 4th and 5th position. We had a good race together- it was the last descent that got me 4th place; a quick inside line on the A line resulted in a 10sec lead to the finish.

I was so happy with my performance; I raced comfortably, relaxed and felt like I was floating around! It sure felt good
to be on the Podium at a National Round for the first time. Things are looking up now that I have finished my final year
at Uni; bring on the rest of the season!
Thank you to WXC World Racing for their fantastic support as always and to all the sponsors for making it happen.
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