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Snowboarding - 17. November 2008.

British Junior Snowboard Squad update from Zermatt

Last week the British Junior Snowboard Squad packed their bags with head coach Sonia
Shaw and former British World Cup Snowboard Cross team rider, assistant coach for the
week, James Foster!

British Junior Snowboard Squad update from Zermatt

Weather conditions looked favourable and everyone expected snow, however no-one could
have predicted that there would be so much! In fact so much snow fell on the first night that
we had reports that Geneva had been hit… in October! This unfortunately meant that the
team could only make the best of the lower mountain as the peak, park and pipe were shut for the whole of their stay due to 85km/h winds and avalanche risks.

Most would be deterred, but nothing could dampen the team’s spirit, anyone who has
had the privilege of riding with the team will know that their enthusiasm is intoxicating. With shovels in their bags and eagle eyes scouring the landscape for anything that could be adapted into a feature to ride on, the team started to hunt for an area they could build into a Jib Park. On the outskirts of Zermatt, they were fortunate to find a slope and park area that was just hidden from the heavy snowfall. Base camp had been found and not only that, the local workmen kindly contributed a few pipelines and barrier rails to the collective! Now no-one could stop them.

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