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Bodyme organic vegan protein bars

Cacoa Mint
Orange Cacoa
Vanilla Chia

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The bars cost £22.42 for 12 bars but in our opinion they are worth every penny.
We test many protein bars on WSR and the Bodyme came out as one of the favourites. They tasted great which lets face it that is the most important thing. As part of your everyday eating plan, before or after exercise, im my case I kept them in my gym bag. We tried all the flavours and they were all equally as good as each other.

Don't hesitate to buy something new!!!!!!

Product bodyme organic vegan protein bar cacao mint box image 1 plant based

Bursting with raw chocyness and minty freshness, our tasty organic vegan protein bars are clean, cold-pressed and made with love by us in Great Britain by combining plant proteins with raw fruit, nuts, oils and superfoods.

We use only the finest organic ingredients without nasties, added sugars, preservatives or additives and we never bake!

Using a unique blend the three best plant proteins - pea, rice and hemp, our bars are complete with all 9 essential amino acids plus more, and contain 16g digestible vegan protein.

Every bar is registered with the Vegan Society and certified organic by the Soil Association to ensure they're real! .....and produced ethically!


Post workout recovery.
Pre-workout energy booster.
Building muscle.
Maintaining muscle.
Weight loss - satiety - feel fuller for longer.
On-the-go snack in between meals.
Choc bar replacement.
Vegans - high protein supplement.
Non-vegans - a clean, complete and more digestible high protein snack.
For those that care what goes into their body.
A clean organic alternative to other protein bars.

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