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Sailing - 20. June 2009.

Block Island Race Week XXIII presented by Rolex

1. Tell us briefly about your boat.


We have two; a Swan 45 and a NYYC Swan 42.

The boats are designed by Frers and built by Nautor's Swan.

Womens Sport Report caught up with Gosia Rojek ahead of the Block Island Race Week.


2. Tell us briefly about your team and your role in the team.


Currently we have a two team setup.  The first team is a group that we have sailed with consistently since 2003.  It includes my husband and son and three good friends.

 Though most of the first team's experience was in the Swan 45, we have done a few regattas with this team on the Swan 42 as well, including the upcoming 2009 Block Island Race Week.  I am presently the helmsperson, with my husband operating the pit and my son trimming the mainsail.

 Last year we also tried something new and created an all women's team.  It is a testament to the increased level of women in sailing.  There are a lot of very talented women sailors that are well recognized in smaller boat sailing, but for some reason there are few women teams in bigger boat sailing. We have a great group of women that seek to be competitive in these regattas so we were able to put together a really great and fun team with relatively short notice.  We plan on sailing this regatta again this year with a crew made up entirely of women.



3. How long have you been sailing?


I have been sailing since 2003 when we bought our first boat a Swan 45.Before then I had never sailed in my life. In the beginning I was just sitting on the rail trying to understand what was going on around me. After a while I was asked to do "the sewer". I did that for 4 seasons. When I started to understand more about what was happening on the boat I wanted to do some other things.

But most of all I wanted to learn how to drive the boat. In January 2007 I met up with Elizabeth Kratzig in Miami and asked her to teach me how to helm a boat. She had to start with the basics and teach me how to tack and jibe and most importantly how to recognize where the wind came from. After a week of intense training on a Sonar Elizabeth suggested to me that I should charter a J 22 and sign up for the Rolex International Women's Keelboat Championship. My first race driving a boat was on the 45 in Lanzarote- October 2007. Since then I have done the Rolex International Women's Keelboat Championship in November 2007 in La Porte, Texas on a J 22,Sonar Midwinters in Miami in February 2008, Capri Race Week in May 2008 on the Swan 45. In the spring of 2008 we bought the NYYC Swan 42 and started sailing it in some regattas in Long Island Sound and in July 2008 I helmed the 42 in the NYYC Swan 42 Nationals with the all women crew including such great talents as Dawn Riley and Meg Gaillard.


4. How old are you?


I just turned 53.


5. What do you do when you're not sailing?


Interior design


6. Where do you live?


Brooklyn, New York


7. What other sports do you compete in?


I do not compete in any other sports but I ski for fun.


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