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Bioflow Magnets







BIOFLOW magnets

Would you like more stamina,

improved performance and faster recovery after training?

Research suggests that Magnotherapy may help by:

- Relieving aches and pains

- Increasing energy

- Promoting recovery

- Assisting the body’s own healing mechanism

- Reducing inflammation




Choose Bioflow!


- Simple to use

- Drug free

- Choice of styles

- 90 day money back guarantee
(85% of the purchase price refunded)

- Customer loyalty scheme

- Business opportunity

Over 200,000,000 satisfied customers

Ecolflow have been at the leading edge of developing this science into practical products for over a decade and the benefits of our Bioflow® range of magnotherapy products are not limited to humans.


The patented Bioflow® range is registered as a class 1 medical device and uses our Central Reverse Polarity (CPR)® technology to maximise the beneficial effects of magnetism on the body.

In December 2004, the British Medical Journal published a report documenting that in an independent, scientifically reviewed clinical trial, Bioflow® magnetic bracelets do reduce pain in osteoarthritis.


  • The products are all formulated and manufactured in the UK.
  • Where available we use Soil Association & Eco Certified Organic raw materials.
  • All products have a 29 month shelf life (the best before date can be found on the base of the product).
  • We recommend that the products are used within 12 months of opening to ensure maximum freshness, this however does not mean that the products cannot be used just that their aromas will have faded and in the case of the oils these will be affected by the air so may smell different.
  • The ranges are free from petro-chemicals, mineral oils, perfumes, alcohols, parabens or synthetic additives like propylene glycol or animal derived ingredients (lanolin)
  • All the products are Vegan registered, Vegetarian & BUAV approved (the raw materials used have not been tested on animals).
  • It is our policy to use bio-degradable and recyclable packaging which does not bleed into the products.

Testimonals: What people Say

One evening in the middle of a cold winter I was chatting to my friend Jane and bemoaning the fact that despite the cold I was spending half the night on to of the bed covers. The dreaded menopause was starting to kick in! It was very uncomfortable waking up hot and sweating then, after kicking the covers back for a while, waking later freezing cold. Jane suggested I try the TianTian drink that she provides. I must admit I was very sceptical but I really didn’t want to go on HRT and my symptoms only really affected me at night. So in for a penny….. one week later and I was beginning to notice a real difference, no more hot sweaty attacks – I couldn’t believe it! I have been drinking TianTian ever since.
Having tried TianTian I finally decided to try one of Jane’s magnetic bracelets, my scepticism was beginning to retreat by now. However I was not prepared for the really dramatic difference it made to my life! I had suffered from terrible cramp at night for quite a few years, sometimes suffering three to four attacks a night causing me to fall over when trying to get out of bed. My neck would go into cramp forcing my head back, it was really dreadful. The pain and bruising in the muscles would then last well into the next day. The doctor had no particular remedies and I could find no advice on the internet. I then bought a bracelet and amazingly the first week of wearing it I slept through like a baby and that has continued on. I only have very, very occasional attacks now and absolutely nowhere near the severity of the previous ones. I have not taken my bracelet off since – I daren’t!!
Jane Garrud

Nutriflow is an electrolyte supplement with all vital minerals and vitamins essential for a speedy recovery during and after intense exercise. At Northamptonshire County Cricket Club all our professional cricketers use Nutriflow because they know and feel it is the best product to keep all energy levels high during a very intense county cricket season”.
Submitted by Julie Trew on behalf of Barry Goudriaan
Northamptonshire County Cricket Club

I was amazed that after taking Nutriflow I could feel an improvement in my energy levels so quickly. M Spilsbury

I have never felt so good after a heavy night out - take Nutriflow first thing in the morning, your up and ready to go - Nutriflow is the best hangover cure ever!! Andy Firth

Those little Boost Buttons are magic! I can believe the improvement in my back pain, it's amazing. D Wardman

The Therapeutics Moisturising Cream and Hair and Body Shampoo is already making my daughters life better after 2 weeks as it has helped so much with her psoriasis. I am SO glad this product is here for her. Phil Paine

My daughter and I have eczema and have found the whole Therapeutics range really beneficial, used along with the Fragrance Free and Free and Organic products our skin has really improved. Jane Halkier




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