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Surfing - 20. July 2012.

Bianca Buitendag Wins Sooruz Royan Atlantique Pro Junior

Bianca Buitendag (ZAF) 18, has won the Sooruz Royan Atlantique Pro Junior titles in punchy 3-4ft peaks at the main event site of the Côte Sauvage. A spectacular finals day unfolded with Europe’s finest Pro Junior surfers thrilling the crowds with their powerful and innovative surfing.

The Sooruz Royan Atlantique Pro Junior forms part of a crucial series of Pro Junior events being staged in Europe over the upcoming weeks culminating in August with the crowning of the ASP Europe Pro Junior Champions.

In the women’s division Bianca Buitendag (ZAF) took out her third consecutive ASP Europe Pro Junior title with a hard fought victory at the Sooruz Royan Atlantique Pro Junior. Trailing for the majority of the 30-minute final Buitendag waited patiently to eventually latch onto a short right laying down a two-turn combination to score a 7.50 out of 10 the highest single-wave score of the heat.

“The waves were really tricky and I thought I would have been able to get some quick scores in the first ten minutes but it was more like 20 minutes before my first good score. Maud surfed really well. I was paddling back out and she did the biggest tail-slide past me and I knew it was on.”

Buitendag now looks ahead to focus on her other objectives for the year on the ASP tours happening in various regions of the world over the upcoming weeks.

“I’m going to Peru,” explained Buitendag. “Then the US and then home for a Pro Junior and then back here. I’ve been relaxing this part of the year but now is the busy part. It has been a tricky event for me waking up so early and driving here each day but it has been fun. I have enjoyed the event a lot.”

Maud Le Car (FRA) 20, finished runner-up behind Buitendag in a final she held the lead for during the majority of the clash. Catching many waves during the final, Le Car threw everything into all her turns to maximise her scoring potential. The young natural footer impressed pulling off one of the biggest manoeuvres of the event during the final.

“I felt comfortable and I did a nice tail-slide turn. It was only one manoeuvre but I am happy with my surf but not with not waiting for the good waves. I want to be confident and wait for them. Bianca took the advantage with the good waves and she did two good turns and she surfed well. It is hard because she is winning all the pro junior events so far and I have some pressure but I am happy. I hope next time I wait for the better waves and get the better scores.”

Cannelle Bulard (REU) and Lucia Martino (ESP) placed third and fourth respectively in the Sooruz Royan Atlantique Pro Junior women’s final to round off an action packed women’s final which saw all four finalists surfing to the highest level in the tricky conditions.

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