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Cricket - 16. October 2008.

Australia’s Sthalekar leads Nitschke in Reliance Mobile ICC ODI Women’s Rankings all-rounders’ race


Australia star Lisa Sthalekar has been named as the leading all-rounder in women’s cricket at the launch of the Reliance Mobile ICC ODI Women’s Player Rankings in Mumbai on Thursday.


Sthalekar enjoys a slender lead over team-mate Shelley Nitschke in the battle to be the number-one all-rounder, while Australia’s ICC Women’s World Cup hopes received a boost with the news that the world champion boasts four batters and five bowlers in the top 20 of the rankings.


Sthalekar, who was shortlisted for the ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year award at the LG ICC Awards in Dubai last month, is just six ratings points ahead of the South Australian. In ranking terms, this is a very small margin which can be recovered in one match and with Australia to play India in a five-match ODI series later this month, both will be aiming to finish the series on a high.


“It’s great that the ICC is supporting women’s cricket through the launch of the player rankings. It will add interest to the women’s game and increase the profiles of the top players in the world,” Sthalekar said.


“Hopefully this will give greater exposure to women’s cricket and perhaps provide more sponsorship opportunities as well,” she added.


Sthalekar and Nitchke also lead the Australia players’ charge in the batting and bowling listings as both are in the top 10.


Sthalekar is in third place behind England’s Claire Taylor and Mithali Raj of India in the batting chart while Nitschke is ninth. Between the two are ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year 2006 Karen Rolton in seventh place and Alex Blackwell in eighth position.


Blackwell hopes women’s rankings will generate tremendous interest in the sport.


“I think it will generate quite a lot of interest. We are getting a bit more media coverage and growing interest on television,” said Blackwell.


“It will be interesting to see the match ups between the best bowlers and batters in the world. It will be another thing to strive for as you want to be ranked as high as you can and that will help generate some positive competition.


“As a batter, I would want to perform well against the better bowlers in the world. It won’t change how you play the game but it will make you very determined to do very well against the best players,” she said.


In the bowling table, Nitschke is third behind India’s Jhulan Goswami and Isa Guha of England while Sthalekar shares ninth place with England’s Katherine Brunt. Australia also has Emma Simpson (sixth), Kirsten Pike (11th) and Sarah Andrews (18th) in the top 20.


About Reliance Mobile ICC ODI Women’s Rankings and women’s cricket


The rankings have been introduced as part of the ICC’s continued promotion of women’s cricket. They will initially apply to ODI cricket only and will help identify where the leading players stand in women’s international cricket to add further competition and context to their achievements.


The first set of the rankings have been released ahead of the eagerly awaited series between Australia and India to be played in Sydney and Canberra from 31 October to 9 November.


The other series to be played in a lead-up to the ICC Women’s World Cup in March 2009 includes the five-match ODI series between Sri Lanka and West Indies in Sri Lanka from 5 November to 12 November and the traditional Rose Bowl series between New Zealand and Australia in New Zealand from 1 to 12 February.


Next year will be huge for women’s cricket with the ICC Women’s World Cup to be played in Sydney, Australia, from 7 to 22 March. This will be the first time the biggest event in women’s cricket will be played under the banner of the ICC following the merger with the International Women’s Cricket Council in 2005.


Then in June, the ICC World Twenty20 in England will include a men’s and women’s competition running simultaneously. The semi-finals and final of the women’s event will be played at the same venue on the same day as the men’s tournament.


Reliance Mobile ICC ODI Women’s Rankings (as of 18 October)




Rank     Player                    Team     Points    Ave         HS Rating


   1           Claire Taylor         Eng         804          39.13      820 v NZ at Blackpool 2007

   2           Mithali Raj             Ind          728          47.93      827 v Aus at Baroda Vadodar 2004

   3           Lisa Sthalekar       Aus        722          35.47      783 v NZ at Darwin 2007

   4           Sarah Taylor         Eng         699*       40.11      706 v Ind at Taunton 2008

   5           C.M.Edwards        Eng         658          37.05      694 v SA at Pretoria 2005

   6           Nicola Browne      NZ          653!        30.21      653 v Aus at Lincoln 2008

   7           Karen Rolton        Aus        620          49.54      867 v Ind at Vapi 2004

   8           Alex Blackwell      Aus        597!        30.46      597 v NZ at Lincoln 2008

   9           S.Nitschke             Aus        573*!     25.85      573 v NZ at Lincoln 2008

  10          Sara McGlashen   NZ          568          23.09      584 v Eng at Derby 2007

  11          Haidee Tiffen        NZ          557          29.50      764 v Ind at Lincoln 2006

  12          Aimee Mason       NZ          549          22.20      616 v Eng at Blackpool 2007

  13          Jaya Sharma          Ind          516          31.92      686 v Aus at Vapi 2004

  14          Lydia Greenway   Eng         489          22.55      512 v Aus at Sydney 2008

  15          Anjum Chopra      Ind          478          34.71      749 v Aus at Adelaide 2006

  16          Jenny Gunn           Eng         472          22.37      543 v Aus at Melbourne 2008

  17=        Dedunu Silva        SL           468*       20.14      479 v Ind at Kurunegala 2008

                Caroline Atkins    Eng         468*       28.46      476 v Ind at Taunton 2008

  19          Cri-Zelda Brits      SA          466*       29.24      531 v NET at Stellenbosch 2008

  20          Caitriona Beggs    Ire           460          24.83      551 v NET at Dublin 2006




Rank    Player                   Team     Points    Ave         Econ      HS Rating


   1           Jhulan Goswami   Ind          741          21.06      797 v Eng at Chennai 2007

   2           Isa Guha                                Eng         720          18.43      741 v Ind at Taunton 2008

   3           S.Nitschke             Aus        675*!     22.27      675 v NZ at Lincoln 2008

   4           Holly Colvin          Eng         619*       19.90      632 v Ind at Arundel 2008

   5           Jenny Gunn           Eng         593          31.22      673 v Aus at Melbourne 2008

   6           Emma Sampson    Aus        548*!     25.17      548 v NZ at Lincoln 2008

   7           Aimee Mason       NZ          547          32.90      586 v Aus at Darwin 2007

   8           Nicola Browne      NZ          546          33.75      648 v Eng at Shenley 2007

   9=         Lisa Sthalekar       Aus        545          29.10      602 v NZ at Brisbane 2006

                Katherine Brunt    Eng         545*       26.33      560 v Ind at Taunton 2008

  11          Kirsten Pike           Aus        540*       22.56      567 v NZ at Lincoln 2008

  12          Rumeli Dhar          Ind          534*       31.50      610 v SL at Dambulla 2008

  13          Amita Sharma       Ind          523          29.12      650 v Pak at Karachi 2005

  14          Neetu David          Ind          506          16.34      794 v WI at Pretoria 2005

  15          Nicky Shaw           Eng         502*       32.93      517 v Ind at Taunton 2008

  16          Alicia Smith           SA          494*       22.10      538 v Ire at Crowthorne 2008

  17          Sajida Shah           Pak          491*       26.48      499 v NET at Stellenbosch 2008

  18=        Ashlyn Kilowan   SA          483*!     20.16      483 v Eng at Shenley 2008

                Sarah Andrews     Aus        483*!     21.62      483 v NZ at Lincoln 2008

  20          Sophie Devine      NZ          468*!     37.42      468 v Aus at Lincoln 2008




Rank     Player                   Team     Points                    HS Rating


   1           Lisa Sthalekar       Aus        393                         466 v Eng at Chennai 2007

   2           S.Nitschke             Aus        387*/*!                  387 v NZ at Lincoln 2008

   3           Nicola Browne      NZ          357                         383 v Eng at Lincoln 2008

   4           Aimee Mason       NZ          300                         338 v Eng at Blackpool 2007

   5           Jenny Gunn           Eng         280                         364 v Aus at Melbourne 2008

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