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Waterpolo - 16. February 2011.

Australian Waterpolo update

Newcastle  by Gemma Noon

The Victorian Tigers women have won two matches in two days against the Hunter Hurricanes at Lambton Swimming Centre. On Wednesday the final score was 15-4.

The Tigers dominated play, leading 3-0 at three quarter time.  It wasn’t until the second period that the Hurricanes’ Brittany Rowe scored her team’s only first half goal.

“Today our thing was that we dictate the play and not let the other team dictate what we were doing. That’s what we stuck with on defence and with all our attacks as well,” Victorian Tigers player Charlotte Banks said.

With the score set at 5-1 by half time, the Hurricanes were determined to make amends for their lacklustre first half. But the Tigers gained three more points before the Hurricanes’ Natalie McJannet scored in spectacular fashion, lobbing the ball over the Tigers keeper’s head.  The Tigers’ Elise Rossato claimed a point, and the Hurricanes’ Emily Boland brought the tally to 9-3.

In the final period the Tigers continued to bite the ‘Canes, putting away six more points. The Hurricanes were unable to use many of their opportunities as the Tigers came out hard in defence.

“When they were all crashing back on Brittany Rowe we weren’t able to bring on a good enough shot,” Hunter Hurricanes Coach Brett Arnold said.

The Hurricanes’ Montana Perkins managed to score the final goal of the match, but it was a case of too little too late for the ‘Canes.

The Victorian Tigers will continue their six day road trip in Sydney, where they’ll play the Balmain Tigers on Thursday. The Hurricanes will face the Drummoyne Devils at Lambton on Sunday.


Charlotte Banks, Victorian Tigers player, on the team’s overnight improvement:

 “I think it was an improvement on yesterday: we were a lot more controlled and we had a lot more in attack. Yesterday I was a little bit frazzled.”

Brett Arnold, Hunter Hurricanes Coach, on the team’s performance:

 “I think we’ll play a lot better on Sunday, but we’ve got to improve our shooting and we’ve got to be prepared to shoot too. We passed a lot and in the end I think we got gun shy and didn’t have a crack at the goal or picked poor options. We should score a lot more than four. Defence was okay but we let ourselves down a few times not helping back, but it was pretty good.”

Greig Richardson, Victorian Tigers Assistant Coach, on the team’s new coach and players:

“We’re pretty happy with this road trip. I think the girls are learning a lot of things off our new coach and they’re building their game. It’s a great start for us with a new coach and some new players in the team so we’ve got a bit more depth.”
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