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Rio Olympics 2016 - 09. August 2016.

Australia win Rugby Seven's Olympic Gold

Women’s rugby sevens goes to script as world champions Australia overpower New Zealand to take gold
World champions Australia completely overpowered their continental neighbours in the early minutes of the second half to take gold at the Deodoro Stadium, winning 24-17.

The All Blacks could not match the women in yellow for aggression, strength or speed.

The Aussies had only a slight lead at the break but never looked like relinquishing it. Ellia Green's try a few minutes into the second half was the one that killed the game off, though Charlotte Caslick soon followed, taking them 17 points clear.

A late surging try from Portia Woodman made the score respectable again for the All Blacks. It also showed them what could have been if only they were more direct in attack.

Australian rugby has been going through somewhat of a drought recently. Here’s something for them to finally smile about.

In the bronze medal match Canada out shone Great Britain 33-10 

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