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Netball - 23. February 2010.

Australia beat England to win series



Q1 12-8

Q2 23-17

Q3 35-29

Q4 43-45


Umpires: Annie Kloppers, Chris Campbell, and Bobbi Brown



ENGLAND: GS: Jo Harten GA: Pam Cookey WA: Karen Atkinson C: Jade Clarke WD Sara Bayman GD: Sonia Mkoloma c GK: Geva Mentor

AUSTRALIA: GS: Caitlin Bassett GA: Susan Pratley WA: Madison Browne C: Natalie Von Bertouch WD: Mo’onia Gerrard GD: Rebecca Bulley GK: Bianca Chatfield




Australian head coach Norma Plumber made significant changes to her starting line-up for the decider while a familiar England starting seven came on court. First centre pass to the Green and Gold was duly landed with England reciprocating . 1-1 then Australia pulled up for contact on their next centre. England turn it and after a bit of swapsie  convert.  It was the right kind of start for the squad with the players singing from the same song sheet 6-1 after 5 Mins. Play slows a bit as the teams aim for accuracy 6-3  then 8-5, 9-5, 10-5.  Australia step up the high ball into Caitlin Bassett and manage to get a few more attempts in.   Score 12-8.




CHANGES: Australia take both shooters off Medhurst to GA and Beveridge GS


Move of the quarter Pamela Cookey with a vertical jump to take a hard high pass from Jo about 2feet off the ground.

Aus shooters are working better - still not hotly accurate 14-13 but getting more sho

Mo’onia Gerrard really marking Karen Atkinson out of the game  but still ball is getting through 17-13 18-13 three aussies look up to try to see that scoreboard it’s 19-13 now.

Jo Harten misses which would have taken England to the magic 8 that Sue Hawkins is after.

Sara Bayman thunders down court taking out Natalie von Bertouch in a grabbing race for the ball.  Mo’onia Gerrard is hauled up again for persistent offside and sent back to the third line with a thumb over the shoulder from Karen Atkinson

Renae Hallinan comes on for Bulley - Gerrard goes to GD.


SCORE: 23-17



CHANGES: Eboni Beckford-Chambers at GD


Sonia Mkoloma does not start the quarter but Eboni's playing well and is blocking Natalie Medhurst out of the game.

England managed to move to the magic 8 goal advantage requested by their coach. 28-20 then it's nine 29-20. England have taken control. EB-C is tipping and turning over nicely. But at the other end Kate Beveridge has her eye in, in the Diamonds circle. 30-25.  Jo Harten misses a couple of efforts under the post and it’s the Aussies who get back into the game 30-28.  England mistakes are costing but the team are battling back again karen atkinson is terrier like now she’s been set free from Gerrard. Hallinan has her hands full. Pam Cookey and Jo Harten working well




ENG: Jade Clarke goes to WD Sara Bayman to C

AUS: Laura Geitz comes on at GK


Seat of the pants stuff as Australia are back in the match 35-33.. England are making mistakes again and look uncomfortable Australia are confident and getting their goals.

Pam Cookey calms the nerves with one of her efficient shots, minimal clearance.

Eboni goes down with an ankle twist Sonia comes back on, Bayman and Clarke swap bibs.

KA pulled for breaking and it's 39-38. Then 39-39 and with 5 minutes and 9 second to play Australia take the lead for the first time ion the match.

The noise is unreal and the match is slipping away from England.  Pamela Cookey is pulled up for contact for the first ime in the match and that momentum shift

39-41  40-41 40-42 41-42 41-43 42-43 42-44 42-45 43-45


Australian shooter Kate Beveridge has got her eye in and on her final quarter performance is named Mitre Player of the Match.



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