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Basketball - 21. July 2010.

AUS – 'Young one' lends helping hand in Aussie U17 cause

TOULOUSE (2010 FIBA U17 World Championship for Women) – As the youngest player on the Australia team competing at the FIBA U17 World Championship for Women, Carley Mijovic gets teased by her team-mates. But on the court, as the second tallest (197cms) player on her team and one of towering players in the tournament, she is given the respect she deserves.

The soon-to-be 16-year-old – her birthday is on 1st August – Mijovic has provided a real spark for Australia, who have a 2-1 mark in Group B and could lock their quarter-final berth with a win over Mali on Tuesday.

She had 11 points and four rebounds to help her team edge out last year’s U16 European champions Spain in her team’s opener and was a bright spot in the loss to China the next day, finishing with eight points and six rebounds.

Mijovic talked to FIBA.com ahead of Tuesday’s game, revealing her nickname and who makes everyone laugh on the team.

FIBA: What did you on your day off?
Mijovic: We had training and then I spent some time with my mum. We went out to do some shopping.

FIBA: What did you know about France before coming here?
Mijovic: Not much. It's my first time here.

FIBA: Do you have a nickname?
Mijovic: No not really but the girls are always teasing me and calling me “the young one”…or “Mijo” sometimes.

FIBA: What are your hobbies?
Mijovic: I like hanging out with my friends, near our school, but I don't have too much free time because there’s individual (basketball) training right after school.

FIBA: Do you have any pre-game rituals?
Mijovic: I always put my right shoe first and then my left one.

FIBA: Do you think there is a big difference in the way basketball is played in Australia compared to Europe?
Mijovic: It's a bit faster, with lots of shots…a bit like China.

FIBA: Who is the funniest person on the team?
Mijovic: Yes, Alexandra Bunton. She's a character, she puts on funny voices! Yes it’s her definitely (laughs)!


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