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Surfing - 03. June 2008.

ASP Top 17 Fire Off on Upcoming Billabong Girls Pro Rio Part II

ASP World Tour News

ASP Top 17 Fire Off on Upcoming Billabong Girls Pro Rio Part II

It’s been a short break, but the ladies of the ASP Women’s World Tour are fired up and frothing on the upcoming Billabong Girls Pro Rio (July 15-20, 2008). Last week, What’s On Tour heard from some of the girls as to what they’ve been up to and this week, W.O.T. catches up with reigning ASP Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmore (AUS), Serena Brooke (AUS), Karina Petroni (USA) and Megan Abubo (HAW) to find out what they’ve been up to in the interim and to see how they’ve been gearing up for the showdown in Brazil.


1 - SURF
"I’ve been on a mission to get some good waves in Indonesia over the last few weeks. I just returned from a boat trip in the Mentawais with Megan Abubo, Sally Fitzgibbons, Lee Ann Curren and some other friends. We drank a rare, delicious sumatran coffee called Cafe Luwat all day and scored some fun little tubes around the place! I’ve been working mainly on my smile which usually means having fun with my friends!"

2 - EQUIPMENT "My equipment continues to get better from all my sponsors. Darren (DHD) and I have been working closely on a shape that is pretty well-rounded and one that I will use both in competition and free-surfs. All is looking good so far in my free surfs so I’m pretty excited to put it into action at the next events."

3 - DIET "Lately I’ve been eating really yummy Indonesian delights. Out on the boat, we caught a few spanish mackerels and some Giant trevally so Ive been eating alot of fresh steamed fish, cerviche and just feel good foods

4 - TRAINING "Lately, I’ve just been surfing my brains out and stretching, but now I’m at home, I will continue with my CHEK training up at Burleigh Heads to get my body ready for the next event."

5 - BRAZIL "I love surfing fun beachbreaks so I’m amped to get to Brazil, this will be my first time to Rio so im sure it will be a great experience!!"



1 - SURF
"My surfing is going great. I just got back from an Indo boat trip last night with Steph, Meg, Sally, Leanne, Kassia and Lyndsey - the waves were fun and I was just working on tube riding at Lances Rights. It was good..."

2 - EQUIPMENT "I was riding some Nick Blair boards they went good, really fast. I’ve been wearing Alpine Stars while riding my motorbike, and I am working with my new sponsor Crocs on a humanitarian campaign where I get to give away tons of shoes to charities of my choice which is awesome, everything is great!"

3 - DIET "Lots of fish on the boat, and muffins fresh every morning - the cook was amazing!"

4 - TRAINING "Some yoga, and my Surf Stronger core training DVD that was just released this month. It’s a range of core-strengthening exercises specifically for surfing - a great workout."

5 - BRAZIL "Brazil is fun. It’s a crazy party city and I have had some fun there in the past. I’m looking forward to going back and competing there. We had an ASP Women’s World Tour event there a number of years ago so I am happy to go check it out again. Yeah, I will just win the comp - that will make the trip even better."



1 - SURF
"I have been surfing on the Gold Coast as of late. I was in the Mentawais for 3 weeks in the month of April - the waves have been super fun, it always is at Snapper and D’Bah. I have been really trying to improve my surfing these last couple of months before the events start up again and things start getting hectic again, I found that I preform the best when I’m having fun. I am working on everything that has to do with surfing even just standing up, so much to learn..."

2 - EQUIPMENT "I am riding the amazing shapes of Al Merrick as I have been for 10 years. Currently, I am wearing a spring suit to full suit as I am in Australia at the moment it’s winter time. I am constantly talking to the Channel Islands crew on how to improve my equipment, I think it is very important to have solid relationship with your shaper. Vans and I have been working very closely recently - we are making the female apparel line amazing. It is so fun being able to have your say in the fashion sense of things that has been a lot of fun."

3 - DIET "I try to eat very healthy, lots of salads and plenty of water. Your body is like a car, whatever you fuel it up with, is how well it will drive or perform. Eating healthy is the way, but I can’t seem to stop the dark chocolate intake - soooo goood..."

4 - TRAINING "I am at CHEK Institute of Sport here on the Gold Coast three times a week. I am learning so much and feeling more and more confident every week about my body. They are such a fantastic and intelligent group of people."

5 - BRAZIL "I’m pumped to go bikini shopping!!!"



1 - SURF
"I came home after the Oz WQS and ASP Women’s World Tour events and surfed really, really good waves at home for a month and a half. Then I went to indonesia on a boat trip with a few rippers from the tour and scored really fun surf. Home was good because I got to surf lots of perfect waves on bigger boards - winds were really good here too. I surfed my favorite home spots and couldn’t have asked for a better spring here in the islands. Then Indo was super fun sized - not big, but fun and just clean and I went with rippers like Steph Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Serena Brooke, Kassia Meador, Lyndsay Noyes and Lee Ann Curren. It was super inspirational and just a really good vibe. I’ve been feeling good surfing - my boards have been working really well. I am starting to get back in the swing of training so that is always good for your surfing. I’m just trying to work on opening up my surfing and doing tricks. In Indo, the grom Sally was trying to teach me how to do airs. That was hard, but fun. I also tried to get some barrels and just tried to keep my surfing fresher than older. I feel really good and relaxed right now."

2 - EQUIPMENT "I’ve been riding all my Eric Arakawas. I took a finless board to indo and that was interesting, but I don’t think that will be in my board bag on tour - ha! I’ve been messing around with retro boards a bit just trying to keep it fresh. I don’t really wear anything but the newest little roxy suit when I surf. It’s summer and warm here so I don’t have any rubber, just lots of sunscreen and bikinis. I’ve been working on some new boards for the tour beachbreak leg and I’m kind of excited to try them out. I think I’m going to spend a little time in California training for the beachies and stuff. The tour has more waves like that right now so that is what I will work on...and like I said, I’ve just been riding my new finless for fun, makes me laugh, but I look like a total kook."

3 - DIET "I have had the pleasure of an amazing chef the past two and a half weeks, but from here on out, I eat mainly protein, greens and a little starch. No sugars and I try to stay away from the booze. Just back in the mode I guess. So when I hit the water in September I feel lean and ready to go. It’s a good break to get healthy i guess."

4 - TRAINING "I did a bit of running for the cardio, but (now that I’m back from the boat trip) I will start working with my trainer this week and be sore for sure from that. Like I said, it’s a long break so there is plenty of time to get the body in great shape."

5 - BRAZIL "I am one of only a few girls that have ever been there...or shall I say the vets are the only ones that have been there - haha. I know what the waves are like and the town. I’m excited - Brazilians are very passionate about life and surfing and I’m sure the event will have that same vibe. It makes you excited to compete when your in that kind of environment so i’m amped. I would like to do well there."

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