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- 01. August 2012.

Archery-Individual eliminations and finals continue tomorrow

Women – 1/32 Eliminations
CHOI Hyeonju (KOR/21) v Jessica TOMASI (ITA/44)
This match featured the team world champion Jessica TOMASI against the new team Olympic champion from Korea. TOMASI, the 2004 field archery world champion, outscored her opponent in the first set, 9-9-9 to 9-9-7. Both archers totaled 28 points in the second set, and the 26-year-old Italian led 3-1. Shooting last in the third set, TOMASI had the opportunity to take it with a final 9, but she scored only a 7. Both archers were tied at 3-3. CHOI started the fourth set with a 6, releasing the pressure on her opponent, who took the lead 5-3. But the Italian shot a 7 in the final set, allowing the Korean to come back at 5-5. Shooting first, CHOI was perfect in the shoot-off with an x10 to take the match.
Iria GRANDAL (ESP/53) v Ana Maria RENDON (COL/12)
The 21-year-old Spanish archer won the first set of this match against the 2008 Olympian RENDON. The Colombian, who placed second to the world champion Denisse VAN LAMOEN at this year’s Panamerican Championships, took the second set thanks to better shooting and two arrows in the red ring by her opponent. The Spanish archer recovered the lead after the third set, which she won 28-25. She went on to shoot 29 points in the fourth set for an upset over the No. 12!
Alejandra VALENCIA (MEX/13) v Reena PARNAT (EST/52)
The double gold medallist of the Panamerican Games 2011 took the first set 26-21. The totals of the second set were equal despite the scores being very different: VALENCIA 9-9-8, PARNAT 10-10-6. The 17-year-old Mexican won the third set 26-25 to lead 5-1. She went on to win the fourth set despite a bad 6. Victory 7-1 for VALENCIA!
Leidys BRITO (VEN/45) v CHENG Ming (CHN/20)
The winner of the last World Cup Final CHENG Ming took the first set 27-24 in her match against Leidys BRITO. Third at the Panamerican Championships this year, the Venezuelan archer came back in the second set (28-26) to tie at 2-2. She went on to win the third set to lead 4-2, but suffered a final 6 in the fourth set that allowed CHENG to come back at 4-4. The Chinese archer shot 28 points in the final set, to outscore Leidys BRITO and win the match 6-4.
KI Bo Bae (KOR/1) v Rand AL-MASHHADANI (IRQ/64)
The former No. 1 of the World Ranking and new Olympic team champion KI Bo Bae had an easy victory 6-0 against her opponent, who is one of the few athletes from Iraq competing in these Olympic Games. The young archer received a huge applause from the British crowd.
Ekaterina TIMOFEYEVA (BLR/33) v Lidiia SICHENIKOVA (UKR/32)
The 19-year-old Ukrainian, 5th at the recent European Championships, faced the Belarussian in a very close match. TIMOFEEVA won the first set, 26-25. She also won the second set with an identical one-point margin, 25-24, to lead 4-0. The scores of the third set were tied (26-26). In the fourth set, TIMOFEEVA was in a good position to win the match. She needed a 9, but released only a 6. The score was now 5-3. SICHENIKOVA came back in the final set, 26-25, to tie at 5-5. In the shoot-off, both archers scored a 9, but TIMOFEEVA’s was closer to the centre by one centimetre!
Women – 1/16 Eliminations
CHOI Hyeonju (KOR/21) v Iria GRANDAL (ESP/53)
CHOI won the first set with a little help from a 5 by her Spanish opponent. Both archers shot 28 points in the second set, moving the score to 3-1 for the 27-year-old Korean. CHOI, who started shooting internationally in 2012, won the third set 28-26 to lead 5-1. The wind became a factor in the fourth set: GRANDAL scored 6-8-10 and CHOI 9-3-8. The score was now 5-3 for the Korean. GRANDAL clinched the fifth set 9-9-10 to 9-8-10, to tie at 5-5! CHOI was up first in the shoot-off, and scored a 10, which GRANDAL couldn’t match (9). CHOI was fortunate to advance to the 1/8 elimination round after her second shoot-off of the day.
Alejandra VALENCIA (MEX/13) v CHENG Ming (CHN/20)
In the first and second sets, Alejandra VALENCIA had three arrows in the red ring, and the World Cup winner was stronger to take the lead 4-0. Both archers shot only 9s in the third set, and the scored moved to 5-1 for CHENG. VALENCIA started the fourth set with a 7, and she was beaten by CHENG for just one point, 24-25. CHENG won the match 7-1 to advance to the 1/8 elimination round.
KI Bo Bae (KOR/1) v Ekaterina TIMOFEYEVA (BLR/33)
As expected, the leader from qualifications won the first set, 28-23. However the three 9s that she shot in the second set were not enough to win her the two set points – she was outscored by TIMOFEEVA, 28-27. KI took back the lead after the third set, thanks to good shooting and a final 7 by her opponent. She led 4-2. The Korean lady shot 10-9-9 to TIMOFEEVA’s 9-10-8 in the fourth set – enough to take the set and the match, 6-2. She is the third Korean to qualify for the 1/8 elimination round.
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Women – 1/32 Eliminations
Ksenia PEROVA (RUS/9) v Nada KAMEL (EGY/56)
The Russian won the individual European Olympic qualifier in May to qualify for these Games. She is world No. 9 and seeded No. 9 as well in London. Her opponent from Egypt is 143rd in the world ranking and won the African qualification tournament in March.
The ranking difference proved two high in this first women's match of the day. PEROVA clinched a three straight sets victory 6-0.
KWON Un Sil (PRK/41) v Natalia VALEEVA (ITA/24)
The experienced Italian is 8-time world champion, 6-time Olympian and 2-time Olympic bronze medallist (1992 Barcelona). She had a difficult start in her first match, however, with two 6s in the first set, and trailed 0-2.
VALEEVA then found two times the 10-ring in the second set to come back 2-2. The two archers then scored 28 each and the match was still undecided 3-3.
KWON went on with 27 in the fourth set. Her opponent scored two 9s and needed a 10 to win the set. What she did to take the lead for the first time of the game, 5-3.
VALEEVA was the most consistent with four times 28 (after 20 in the first set). She clinched a deserved victory, 7-3.
FANG Yuting (CHN/25) v Ika Yuliana ROCHMAWATI (INA/40)
The Chinese is world No. 3 and finished 2nd of this year's World Cup in her country (Shanghai). Her contender from Indonesia qualified for London 2012 winning the Asian Olympic qualifier event in October 2011.
The two ladies remained tied in the first two sets, shooting 27 each times for a draw 2-2.
FANG's performance improved in the third set and she scored 29 points, winning the set and taking the lead 4-2. But the Chinese scored only 23 points in the fourth set and let her opponent come back at 4-4.
As her opponent put two arrows out of the gold ring (7 and 8), ROCHMAWATI did not miss her chance and with 28 points was the surprise of this match (6-4).
Amy OLIVER (GBR/57) v Deepika KUMARI (IND/8)
World No. 1 KUMARI will hope to improve on India's poor archery form so far. She faces world field champion OLIVER, who will have the support of the home crowd and is capable of causing an upset.
The home favourite won the first set 27-26 and led 2-0. As her opponent repeated with 26 and she herself started the second set with two 9s, OLIVER needed a 9 to win it and lead 4-0. The Briton released a 4 (!) however, and KUMARI tied the game at 2-2.
The Indian could not do better than four times 26 in this match. Her opponent clinched the third and four sets with each time 27. Victory for GBR 6-2!
Marie-Pier BEAUDET (CAN/29) v Louise LAURSEN (DEN/36)
The Dane just missed out the medal at the Indoor World Cup Final in Vegas this year, finishing 4th. Her opponent from Canada won the Americas qualification tournament to qualify for her third Games.
After the two competitors were tied 26-26 in the first set (1-1), BEAUDET scored two times 24 points. Not enough against 25 and 26 for her opponent, who took the lead 5-1 after three sets.
The Canadian stayed alive thanks to a 28-point fourth set, coming back at 3-5. She could not keep the same performance in the final set with 25 points. LAURSEN clinched a 7-3 win with a final 27 points.
Sherab ZAM (BHU/61) v Khatuna LORIG (USA/4)
LORIG, in her fifth Olympics, meets inexperienced ZAM, who carried the flag for her country in the Opening Ceremony and is one of two Bhutan athletes at the Games.
Difficult start for the low seed ZAM who opened the match with 6 and 7. She found the gold (a 9) at her third arrow, but this was not enough against LORIG's 28 points.
Both had a 6 in the second set, but LORIG scored two 9s also, against 8 and 7 for ZAM, and led 4-0. The competitor from Bhutan scored 6-9-7 in the third set, while her opponent repeated with 26 for a victory 6-0.
Women – 1/16 Eliminations
Ksenia PEROVA (RUS/9) v Natalia VALEEVA (ITA/24)
The two ladies met once this year, but it was at the Indoor World Championships in February. VALEEVA won their semifinal duel 6-4 on her way to an eighth world title.
As in her previous round, the Italian faced a difficult start. She only scored 24 points and let the first set go, 0-2. VALEEVA did better in the second with 27, but her opponent scored a higher score of 29 for a 4-0 lead.
The experienced Italian improved her score with 28 and won the third set to stay alive at 2-4. But an opening 7 in the fourth sounded the death knell for VALEEVA… PEROVA shot all three arrows in the gold for 28 points and victory 6-4.
Ika Yuliana ROCHMAWATI (INA/40) v Amy OLIVER (GBR/57)
The two competitors have upset higher seeded archers in the previous round. ROCHMAWATI beat No. 25 FANG Yuting (CHN), while OLIVER defeated world No. 1 and No. 8 seed Deepika KUMARI (IND).
The crowd's favourite made a difficult start with 24 and 23 points in the first two sets against two times 28 for her opponent. OLIVER trailed 0-4.
The Briton managed to put pressure on ROCHMAWATI with 28 points in the third set. The Indonesian started the set with two 10s and needed a 9 to win. She scored an 8 and shared the set points for a lead at 5-1.
The fourth set was a thrill! The two archers scored 10-10 each, but OLIVER opened the door with an 8. ROCHMAWATI repeated with another perfect shot to clinch a 7-1 win to the disappointment of the grandstands.
Louise LAURSEN (DEN/36) v Khatuna LORIG (USA/4)
As the rain started to fall over Lord's Cricket Ground for the final match of the morning, the 5-time Olympian and No. 4 seed LORIG started as favourite of this game.
The American made the best start with 27 points to win the first set and lead 2-0. He was caught up however, when she shot only 22 in the second set (2-2). The draw remained after they scored 24 points each in the third set (3-3).
LORIG directed his efforts in the fourth end, achieving two 10s and a 9 to lead 5-3. As LAURSEN pushed hard and tried to come back, LORIG needed a 10 to draw the fifth set and win the match. What she did for a 6-4 victory!
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Comments from KI Bo Bae (KOR) after her 6-2 victory against Ekaterina TIMOFEYEVA (BLR) in the women's individual 1/16 elimination round.
KI Bo Bae (KOR)
On her performance:
"My mind was clear before the match so I felt comfortable and not nervous at all. My condition is OK and I try to be optimistic."
On her expectations for the rest of the event:
"I don't try to get 10s all the time, but I try to control myself and not make mistakes."
"I always want to get medals and I will try my best but not too hard."
On how she makes archery look easy:
"It is my job and I train very hard, that's why it looks easy."
Comments from Alejandra VALENCIA (MEX) after her 7-1 loss to CHENG Ming (CHN) in the women's individual 1/16 elimination round.
Alejandra VALENCIA (MEX)
On her performance:
"I am a bit disappointed with the result. Today there were a lot of problems with the wind. It very much influenced the results."
"Now I just want to go home to Mexico and eat tacos."
On her career:
"I was eight when I first started playing archery. Now I am 17. It is great to be here."
On what is next:
"Now I will concentrate on my studies before the Rio Olympics (in 2016). I dropped school last October but I am determined to go back and continue my studies."
Comments from CHOI Hyeonju (KOR) after her shoot-off win against Iria GRANDAL (ESP) in the women's individual 1/16 elimination round at Lord's Cricket Ground on Wednesday.
CHOI Hyeonju (KOR)
On how she felt before the shoot-off (she also needed a shoot-off to beat Jessica TOMASI, ITA, in the 1/32 elimination):
"I was extra nervous because my last end was bad (20). I just tried to do my usual routine and tried to stay calm. I hope I never have another shoot-off."
On what she needs to work on:
"The wind made me make lots of mistakes. I don't feel that I showed all of my ability and I need to try to do more in future rounds."
Comments from Ana Maria RENDON (COL) after her 6-2 loss to Iria GRANDAL (ESP) in the women's individual 1/32 elimination round.
Ana Maria RENDON (COL)
On her performance:
"I am disappointed. My own coach is not here as there was not enough space on the team. I haven't worked with the coach that is here and I am not used to him. I miss my coach. I need him."
On what is next:
"I will prepare to go home. I have to rest and get ready for the next tournaments, including the Olympics in Rio in 2016."
On the small soft toys and mascots that she has with her when she shoots:
"They each represent different members of my family and my friends. I always have them with me."
Deepika KUMARI (IND)
On why she failed to hit a 10:
“The wind was swirling and swirling much faster than I thought. I am disappointed. It is my first Olympics so I wanted to get further, but there will be many more. I will practise more, become more confident and hopefully do better.”
On whether she will compete in her seventh Games at the Rio de Janeiro 2016:
“I will take a few months’ rest for my family and for my health and then I will think about the next Olympic Games.”
On what went wrong:
“I don’t know yet. I will go home and analyse it. I didn’t hope for anything after our team performance. I knew I needed to fight but I didn’t expect what happened today. I expect to hit the yellow every time and I will analyse arrow-by-arrow to see what went wrong. There were errors.”
On the windsocks:
“The windflags are not reliable. They are still when there may still be wind.”
On her performance:
“It’s my first Olympic Games so I’m very happy to get through to the next round. However, I was a bit disappointed with the end where I only got 24 points.”
“I will try to analyse what went wrong. Although I am very happy with my performance, it is too early to relax because the Olympic Games is still going on.”
On her opponents:
“I never think about the other athletes – anything can happen. But, to be honest, I felt some pressure before shooting with Natalia (VALEEVA) because she has won many titles.”
FANG Yuting (CHN)
On her defeat:
“I thought I would win but the wind was going to the left which was a problem. It was my first time facing Ika, but I wasn’t surprised that she played so well.”
On her thoughts about the London 2012 Olympic Games:
“I am proud of my achievements and the team competition. I thought I could perform even better in the individual competition.”
Source: ONS
Edited by World Archery Communication

Women's Individual
World No. 1 Deepika KUMARI (IND) will hope to improve on India's poor archery form so far. She faces Amy OLIVER (GBR), who will have the support of the home crowd and is capable of causing an upset.
KI Bo Bae (KOR), who shot the arrow to win the team gold medal on Sunday, meets inexperienced Rand AL-MASHHADANI (IRQ). The 17-year-old from Iraq qualified for the London 2012 Olympic Games in June after receiving an invitation to compete and needed to go to a training camp in Thailand to reach the standard.
Khatuna LORIG (USA), in her fifth Olympics, will meet inexperienced Sherab ZAM (BHU) in the 1/32 elimination round. ZAM carried the flag for Bhutan in the Opening Ceremony and is one of two Bhutan athletes at the Games.
Before the women's team event CHOI Hyeonju (KOR) looked like the weak link of the Korean team because of her average ranking round performance. That was due to a shoulder injury however, and she shot brilliantly during Sunday's event. Jessica TOMASI (ITA) faces a tough task to overcome her.
Source: ONS
Edited by World Archery Communication
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