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Surfing - 14. February 2012.

Anastasia Ashley former Pipeline Champion / Backdoor Pipeline

March 1-15, 2012
This years SeaHawaii Womens Pro Pipeline is shaping up to host 150 eager Pipeline surfers in the three days of the 15 day waiting period. 
The Women will be taking the level up a notch propelling themselves in line for prestigious contracts, notoriety, and all important personal self fulfillment. Pipeline is a highly technical and strategic playground that requires advanced athletic expertise, confidence and unwavering determination. The attack on the wave is unique. Women are more particular in choice, while remaining cunning, sleek, and cautiously giselle-like in approach. Like a ballerina doing spotted balanced turns over and over and over. It is difficult!

This years event adds a new twist, Junior surfers are set to challenge the most prestigious spot on the planet. Surfing like gymnastics has a younger and younger contingent. The current World Champion Carissa Moore from Hawaii gained the title at just 18. Hawaii's 20 and under surfers need points to go on tour. it is becoming harder and harder to even get into events so surfing at Pipeline in a 2 star will be a first for them. Last years runner up in short boarding Brianna Cope recently won the North Shore Surf Shop Jr. Pro at Sunset and is set to tango." This means good points for my Jr. career,  I just want to get some real tubes, I am stepping it up", said Brianna. The Jr. Men will also have an event, a three star.  Something Hawaii needs desperately.

Some of the best tube riders will be on hand. Keala Kennelly just off an injury that caused her some plastic surgery repair has been out at Pipeline charging. " I gotta do it my way", said Kennelly. "I just gotta wait for the perfect barrels or I am not satisfied, I hope they come to me this year. Pipeline is the ultimate proving ground and I think it is great for our sport to give the Woman a crack at it in a contest"

The bodyboarders have been surfing competitively at Pipeline for 23 years and are seasoned tube riders. Leila Alli is chomping at the bit. Leila is know for her giant tube expertise and travels the world to find them.

Defending champion Karla Costa Taylor and current World Champion Eunate Aguirre will also compete. The hottest are in Hawaii, a place the whole world loves!  Pipeline at the top of the list.

SeaHawaii's goal is to bring awareness of the sensitivity of the environment and ecological changes to our oceans. "SeaHawaii is proud to be supporting the event at Pipeline", said SeaHawaii CEO Joe Pickard. "We couldn't be happier to be not only supporting our Hawaiian community of Woman surfers but also Woman surfers from around the World. To everyone we hope that you find the SeaHawaii Womens Pro at Pipeline inspirational and motivating." Locally owned and operated SeaHawaii was born and raised on the North Shore in Kahuku. The company is an environmentally based group that absolutely "Love the Ocean", a trademark. Their dedication to our environment is a great fit for the event something the Pipeline Womens Pro has worked towards since it's inception.

Check the official web site for more information.
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