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Rio Olympics 2016 - 13. August 2012.

A unique moment in British history, let's make the most of it

We've seen 10,500 athletes proudly competing in 302 medal events across 26 Olympic sports. Some 70,000 Games Makers have epitomised the Olympic spirit, and 60 million of you have joined in with your own local celebrations. Sixteen unforgettable days have created memories for a lifetime. Thank you for following us and playing your part.

The Paralympic Games are just 16 days away, but right now Eddie Izzard and the charity Join In Local Sport want you to take all your pride, enthusiasm, inspiration and joy back to where it started for all the Olympic champions – the local sports club.

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This coming weekend, 18 and 19 August, thousands of clubs and community groups around the UK will be holding free events and activities for Join In Local Sport. It will be the UK's biggest celebration of grassroots sport and you can help make it great.

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