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Swimming - 23. July 2007.

A Great Learning Experience:” Final Results from the Swiss Open

July 22nd, 2007

Allison McKenny started the week strong by winning the Bronze Medal in the Solo competition on Thursday, and with such a strong international presence at the meet her podium performance is quite an accomplishment.

Laura McClemont and Karine Thomas’s duet placed fifth on Friday, and the visually-stunning Combo placed fourth last night.

The B Team battled through adversity after injuries forced two substitutions during training camp last month, but in the end they ultimately swam very well at the Open.

McClemont and Thomas’s fifth place finish in the Duet category was especially noteworthy as the pair had only two weeks to swim together prior to the competition.

“We are very pleased with the performances of all of our athletes,” said head Coach Susan Kemper, “our Combo routine created quite the buzz with its highlights and unique transitions, and overall I feel that the Open was a great learning experience for our athletes as they prepare for the next set of trials.”

As the B Team travels home, Synchro Canada’s National A Team challenges the continent for an Olympic berth at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Synchro portion of the Games starts this week beginning with the Duet competition this Wednesday, July 25th.

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