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Figure Skating - 25. January 2011.

2011 AT&T U.S. Figure Skating Championships-Junior Quotes

2011 AT&T U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Junior short dance quotes


First place
Joylyn Yang (Seattle SC; Mukilteo, Wash.) and Jean-Luc Baker (Seattle SC, Edmonds, Wash.)

(on Viennese Waltz pattern, skating well)

Yang - “It was a lot of work, but we chip away every day and got it to where we want it to be.”

Baker – “Since we were sent out this year (to Junior Grand Prix events), we felt we learned a lot more representing the U.S. and watching the international skaters.”

(on skating in junior for the first year again seasoned junior competitors)

Baker - “We have lots of hard work and determination. But we take it one step at a time. We never give up.”

(on the program)

Yang - “We wanted a different style that we thought everyone else might have. Our coach found this piece and we loved it, and got attached to it quick.”

Baker - “We really like to be unique and different that the other teams. Sometimes it may not be the right thing, but it’s what we like to do and it works for us.”

Second place
Charlotte Lichtman (Arctic FSC; Northville, Mich.) and Dean Copely (All Year FSC; Newark, Del.)

(on the short dance)

“I think we felt it went really well. We’ve mostly focused on improving the Waltz levels. They are tricky to get so we are trying to be more consistent with them. Otherwise, it felt good. We thought we performed it. We’ve been getting more twos than threes this year so we’ll take a three for now.”

(on being polished skaters)

“It’s a mix of training environment and competing internationally. We have now been together two and a half years, we’ve had more time to skate together, and because of that, we’ve had more international experience. Especially with the (Junior Grand Prix) Final, it just boosted our confidence and we learned to compete in different situations and under different pressures.”

Third place
Lauri Bonacorsi (Peninsula SC; St. Louis, Mo.) and Travis Mager (IceWorks SC; Fulton, Md.)

“Over 50 (points is great). The callers are being fair today. We got a four and a three on the two patterns.”

“We felt really good. We had a coaching change this season so we got a late start. We’re happy to be working with Natalia (Linchuk) and Alexei (Kiliakov). We feel we’ve come huge lengths since we started this season.”

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