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Triathlon - 25. November 2010.

2010 Triathlon World Champions back ITU's Paratriathlon bid

Vancouver, - The International Triathlon Union's bid to have Paratriathlon
added to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games programme has been boosted today by a world
championship squad.  Reigning ITU Triathlon World Champions Emma Moffat and Javier
Gomez, joined by Ironman World Champions Mirinda Carfae and Chris McCormack, support
ITU's bid because of the sport's social benefit and valuable contribution to the
Paralympic Movement.

2010 Triathlon World Champions back ITUs Paratriathlon bid

"I believe the sport of triathlon can stir one's courage. It is a challenging sport,
which is why the sport always gives me confidence to overcome something bigger,"
said Moffatt, the 2009 and 2010 ITU Triathlon World Champion from Australia. "Having
Paratriathlon in the Paralympics would have a tremendous impact for Paratriathletes
and our society, letting global audiences learn the value of the Paralympics; courage,
determination, inspiration and equality."

"Triathlon may be one of fastest growing sports in the world but the growth of Paratriathlon
is remarkable," said 2010 ITU Triathlon World Champion Gomez. "Should the sport
be honoured to join the Paralympic Games, I believe, it would become another social
catalyst for people to take up the sport."

Click to download the right-free image. Photo: ITU / Delly Carr

Mirinda Carfrae of Australia, the 2010 Ironman World Champion, noted inspirational
Paratriathletes' athletic performances and feels tremendous potential for the sport
to grow in the international sporting movement.

"Speed, strength and spirit truly capture people's attention and the inclusion of
Paratriathlon would definitely contribute to the Paralympic Movement," she added.

Aussie Chris McCormack, 1997 ITU Triathlon World Champion and 2007 & 2010 Ironman
World Champion, refers to the atmosphere athletes can share in the sport, where
the crowd cheers all athletes equally and gives everyone their own moment of glory
as they finish.

"With this atmosphere, I believe the sport is a perfect fit with the spirit of the
Paralympic Games. I'm fully backing the Paratriathlon bid for the Paralympics and
I'd love to see the participants' athletic achievements in Rio 2016," he added.

The International Paralympic Committee will decide which, if any, new sports are
to be added to the Rio 2016 programme during its Governing Board meeting on 11
December 2010 in Guangzhou, China. Seven sports have formally submitted their bid
applications to the IPC.

ITU has supported the development of Paratriathlon for more than 15 years and has
hosted a Paratriathlon World Championship each year since 1995. ITU is also fully
committed to working closely with the IPC in the continued development of the sport
and promoting the Paralympic Movement.

A new promotional video for the ITU's bid campaign has been also released. Click
here to download [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=valh99bab&et=1103966839713&s=1162&e=001qyTJtERamoCD0-of9C3U-muMyDULy91EdFf1We7nfa-yLGR-SC68pmYfwTLHlSFOo0VKMEwFqB9AgL6YLCIBimnkX8kqoWX_S6-rteMPAsWwgeFEOEXUNT_x-6n1OuEjYAd5eGaUR3j76WyiGCYe-DBuR6ttR_cNijThNttbEcC5kD4LI0XKzyLzuWsFRxN0GOFYI3fY-iI=]
the free-to-use, right-free video (.mp4).

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