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Athletics - 24. August 2009.

2009 World Championships Day 8 Team USA quotes

Jessica Cosby (Mission Hills, California), Women's hammer throw
I thought I had another PR in me tonight. I'm a bit bummed out.
Amber Campbell (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina), Women's hammer throw
I did the best that I could tonight. It wasn't a bad throw today, but it took a little bit more. These girls were really getting after it tonight. I just have to step up my game a little more for the next one.
Jen Rhines (Mammoth Lakes, California), Women's 5000 meters
I was disappointed. I thought I would be a bit more competitive. I just didn't have it. I planned on making a move with about 3 or 4 laps to go, and felt like I was already struggling. I finished up the best that I could. I just didn't have the kind of race that I wanted to.
Natasha Hastings (Los Angeles, California), Women's 4 x 400 meters second leg
Honestly, we wanted just to get the stick around. We used safe passes. Debbie (Dunn, the first leg) really did all of the work, so I just had to bring the stick in the lead.
Jessica Beard (Euclid, Ohio), Women's 4 x 400 meters third leg
I was really trying to open up the gap that I was given, so Sanya (Richards, the anchor leg) could have it easy. She was able to run without expending too much energy. I'm really glad that the coaching staff trusted me to get out there, especially since I'm the youngest member of the team.
Sanya Richards (Austin, Texas), Women's 4 x 400 meters anchor leg
I think I ran 54 seconds in practice a couple of days ago (laughs)! I'm happy that my teammates ran as well as they did Debbie, Natasha and Jessica made it easy on me.
We're going to have a tough task tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure I had fresh legs for the finals.
Alexandria Anderson (Austin, Texas) women's 4x100m second leg
The baton was well inside the zone. Everything was going smoothly.
The group as a whole was together since the London meet (in late July). We were going for the win and to do the best job we can. It's just a mishap that you have to go on and move forward with.
You have to go to an Olympics or World Championships with the mind set that you want to be the best and go out and compete with the best. Every team has its ups and down, but it just depends on how you come out fighting.
Carmelita Jeter (Inglewood, Calif.), Women's 4x100 relay anchor leg
I saw that Muna pulled something. It was unfortunate. It's nothing something that you can train for. We were ready to run. It's unfortunate. Right now, we want to go back there and be with our teammate, because that's the most important thing, to make sure that Muna is OK. We go together. We go with her. That's our teammate. We will always be for each other.
Lauryn Williams (Miami, Fla.), Women's 4x100 relay first leg
I got it to Alexandria and everything seemed to be on target. We expected to be in the finals. We practiced well. We had great chemistry. Things have been going wonderfully. We were on world record pace (for the final). That race was just two weeks ago. We went 41.5, and we weren't even trying. We got out there. We were having a good day. We were having a good time. When you least expect it, you run the fastest.
It's unfortunate that we get here to the big one, the dance, and know we have a team that is capable of world-record pace, and then not even get a chance to try for gold, much less the world record. We weren't doing anything different. We knew we had good chemistry. We worked together to make sure we are a very cohesive group. We have good energy. We have not had any drama or back biting. Nothing bad has happened in this relay. We have had great chemistry and we were really excited about getting out here.
 It was definitely going to be a great race. You know (Jamaica) has great girls. They put out a good time. It comes down to who gets the better handoffs, and who can run the race much more smoothly. It's not necessarily about who has the four fastest legs at that point. We were out there, working our way through the line. It was going to an exciting race for the stadium, the world, for everyone to see.

(on seeing what happened) I didn't see what happened. I actually turned around, thinking we were on Easy Street. I did my part, I handed it off. I was heading to the finish line to congratulate my girls. Then, I didn't see them there. I had to get escorted, I was sent off in the wrong direction, then I found out something was wrong.
(on not being allowed in training room) At that point, all you worry about is the health of your teammate. Is she OK? What's going on? You can hear her screaming in pain. Then they tell you you can't go in with her. What difference does it make now? We're not in the finals. Don't tell me which way I can go right now. I'm worried about my teammate. That's what I am worried about.

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