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Other Sports - 07. July 2007.

World Gymnaestrada 2015!


Dornbirn (AUT), July 5, 2007: The 13th edition of the World Gymnaestrada in Dornbirn has yet
to open its doors, while candidates for the 15th edition are already knocking on our door!
With a done deal in the City of Lausanne (SUI) for 2011, options are wide open for 2015. And
federations are pushing for a checkmate. Sweden, with the City of Gothenburg, officially and
publicly announced its bid just yesterday.

According to a few well-informed sources, additional federations have already expressed their
interest to the FIG, who will have to analyse and validate each bid. Spain and Qatar are among
the candidates.

No need to be a genius to see that the Gymnaestrada conveys an extremely positive image. It
augurs well for the development of Gymnastics for All in particular and the FIG in general.

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