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Beach Volleyball - 07. September 2007.

Swatch FIVB Junior World Championships: the battle goes on

Without too many difficulties, the Brazilians Lili-Seixas go on to the next round, and yet Barbara Seixas says: "It's just not right. We do work hard to be able to win easily those matches. There are some very good players out there. And tomorrow is another day, and, again, we have to study our new opponents to reach the finals."
Pool D was, instead, more balanced. During the last match between Holland and Poland, even the referees applauded along the public the long rallies and the quality of the game.
From tomorrow onwards, the climb towards the gold medal will seriously start and there won't be many excuses for those left behind.

In the Men's event, Europe is the big star being represented by with 15 countries, then we have America with 3 countries, followed by Asia, Oceania and Africa.
A funny note from Mozambique's coach and its peculiar hat with a photo of the Mozambican President, Armando Emilio Guebuza, printed on it: "Because I love him" is the explanation mister Angelo Lourenco gave.
Tomorrow, the tournament will continue with the qualification pools for Semi Quarters and Quarters final.

It is worth noticing that the organizers of the event have foreseen a few changes in the program. On Saturday there will be a break in play in the afternoon of about 3 hours during the time of Luciano Pavarotti funeral. The tournament will have a minute silence before every match tomorrow and Saturday to respect his passing.

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