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Cycling - 06. July 2010.

Sarah Storey-Blog from Lanzarote

Seven days since the war of attrition at National Road Champs and I'm
enjoying the Canary Island heat at Club La Santa! The camp was scheduled for
me after the Nationals and Deloitte Ride Across Britain to give me the
chance to both recover from the hard miles and racing as well as putting in
some higher intensity work on the rolling terrain of the volcanic island.

17 years ago I first arrived on the island as a swimmer preparing for my
first Paralympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. So much has changed since then,
not least in the way Parasport works. Back in 1992 my parents paid for the
pre-Paralympic camp and they also came on the camp with me, bringing my
brother and sister for a holiday. Perhaps the most ironic part was they'd
had to book and pay for that camp, six months before I'd find out whether or
not I was selected for the Games! A huge leap of faith for parents of a 14
year old!

My first trip back to Lanzarote since changing sports was in February 2010
and now I am back again to make use of the rolling terrain, great road
surfaces and extra resistance provided by the wind. After the big miles of
1017.5 miles in 9 days during the End to End ride, it's time to add some
speed in again which will hopefully see my ability to attack in races
improve, not to mention give me some added power for the shorter time

My first couple of days on the island were about complete rest and also
having a massage to aid with recovery. The last time I had more than one day
off was back in November 2009, so my body and legs were ready for a spot of
R+R! I started the training with a snappy 90km ride averaging 30kph round a
rolling route with plenty of draggy sections to give my legs something to
think about. With bright blue skies as the backdrop, the volcanic terrain of
black rock was interspersed with the odd splash of colour from plants that
could grow without water. I rode to one of my favourite parts of the island,
a loop of a road round the El Golfo coastline and with the fury of the
Atlantic crashing against the rugged shoreline, the spray from the waves
wash over the road and are quite refreshing against the heat of the road.

After this ride the training was going to take a more normal format for a
camp of this type, alternating days between medium length rides of 3 to 4
hours with a day of efforts in the morning and a recovery ride in the
afternoon. My first set of efforts were 20 second sprint attacks with a
short recovery of 40 seconds between each one. The idea being to get a high
but consistent peak power on each effort and then maintain that whilst still
accelerating throughout the effort. I surprised myself with how consistent I
could be on this session which I'd not been able to do since my time in
France in May. The second set was almost as good as the first and I finished
feeling like I was well on my way to better form for the Tour of Limousin in
3 weeks time with my Horizon Fitness team mates.

The final day of the three day block before the next rest day was a four
hour slog in the wind to the top of the island, a place called Mirador del
Rio. The wind had picked up compared to previous days and with gusts over
40mph and a consistent speed of 20mph from the north, riding to the north
was slow going but well worth it for the views when I arrived and the
tailwind for part the way home! Covering only 105km in the 4 hours was
solely down to the strength of the wind, although I did feel as though I was
back on the End to End and struggling in at the end of a 7 hour stint!

Now it's another rest day before the final week of training out here. With
some more speed to find and some hill efforts for extra strength there's
plenty to look forward to!

Sarah x
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