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Basketball - 10. July 2007.

New FIBA Ranking for Women's national teams

GENEVA (FIBA U21 World Championship for Women) For the complete and up-dated FIBA Ranking of Women's National Teams, please refer to the following link:

FIBA Rankings for Men and Women national teams, as well as a combined ranking, are always updated when a FIBA World Championship, an Olympic Basketball Tournament or a FIBA Zone/continental Championship has concluded. For the complete details on how FIBA rankings are calculated, please visit:
Including the two tournaments which have already taken place (i.e. the FIBA Asia Championship for Women and the FIBA U21 World Championship for Women), a total of 13 FIBA and FIBA Zone championships are set to take place in 2007. After each of the following events a new and up-dated FIBA Ranking is announced:


FIBA Asia Championship for Women: 3rd-10th June 2007, in Incheon (Korea)
(Gold: Korea; Silver: China; Bronze: Japan)

FIBA U21 World Championship for Women: 29th June to 8th July 2007 in the Moscow Region (Russia)
(Gold: USA; Silver: Australia; Bronze: France)

FIBA U19 World Championship for Women: 26th July to 5th August 2007 in Bratislava (Slovakia)

FIBA Africa Championship for Women: 21st-30th September 2007, in Dakar (Senegal)

FIBA Europe Championship for Women (EuroBasket Women): 24th September-7th October 2007, in Vasto, Lanciano, Ortena and Chieti (Italy)

FIBA Oceania Championship for Women: 26th-29th September 2007, in Dunedin (New Zealand)

FIBA Americas Championship for Women: 26th-30th September 2007, in Valdivia (Chile)

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