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Beach Volleyball - 20. July 2011.

Mozambique women enjoying both worlds

Anyone wondering how to juggle the twin demands of beach volleyball and a social life should listen to the story of the Mozambique women’s team who won gold medal at the CAVB Continental Cup Zonal Phase Pool E held in Maputo, Mozambique last Sunday.

The team consists of two pairs, team 1 includes sisters Rezia and Amilia Cumbi while the other duo consists of Satira Shongo and Guilhermina Cossa. Three out of the four players are married and succeed in enjoying both worlds, the sports world through their success on both indoor and beach volleyball courts alongside their home life.

The two sisters Rezia and Amilia are also studying as both are taking a masters degree in material recourses commercials which they are hoping will help their community to improve these areas.

Satira Chongo is also studying and has already completed a degree in accounting and looks to continue down this path.
Guillhermina Cossa who played a major role in the win over the more experienced Mauritius team is studying Law at Mozambique University and wants to be a successful lawyer.

What is also remarkable is the fact that they also practice indoor volleyball as well as beach volleyball and study.

“We are enthusiastic to represent Africa in London Olympic Games through winning this exciting Continental Cup but it is not easy to realize this dream,” Amelia said after the tournament. “We know we will come up against difficult teams in the second round and at the finals of the Continental Cup but we will do our best to bring the dreams into truth.”
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