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American Football - 21. January 2008.

H.T.C. Personal Trainers Take CHARGE!

Introducing Our Very Own 2008 H'Town Texas Cyclones
Certified Personal Trainers & Sports Performance Coaches
Renita Madu - Certified Personal Trainer / Certified Physician's Asst.
Machalle Griffin - Certified Personal Trainer
Melissa Ward - Certified Sports Performance Coach
Raasin McIntosh - Certified Sports Performance Coach
Nicole Morris - Certified Sports Performance Coach
Candice Dixon - Certified Personal Trainer / Certified Sports Performance Coach
Misty Collins - Certified Personal Trainer
These Cyclones have been chosen to lead and provide physical exercises and training to our 2008 H'Town Texas Cyclones' Team. As Personal Trainers and Sports Performance Coaches, they will work with the Cyclones to increase strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. All 7 ladies are certified in the areas of personal training and sports performance coaching. They will conduct pre-practice and pre-game exercises and we want to acknowledge them as they TOO will -
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