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Volleyball - 19. August 2011.

Coaches eager to the final spot at the Girls’ Youth World champs

After the tough and thrilling first and second rounds, 4 coaches stay in the race for the gold medals at the 2011 Girls’ Youth World championship and each of them has eyes on the crown.

FIVB Volleyball Girls' Youth World Championship

 Hosts Turkey take on Serbia in the first semifinal, while the only unbeatable China battle against Poland in the second semifinal on Saturday.

 The coaches of the 4 teams had one opinion that the way towards the final is not easy but it needs a lot of hard work.

 The Serbian coach Milan Grsic puts a lot of interest on how to face the emotional Turkish spectators, while Poland coach Andrzey Pec is busy with his team recovery after the tough second round. Turkey coach Sahin Catma needs to revenge against China if both teams do it to the final.

 Here are the opinions of the four coaches ahead of the semifinal encounters on Saturday at Baskent Hall in Ankara.

China coach Mang Shen: “We have not so much information about our next opponents, Poland, so we have just to see how it will be.”
“If I had to make a choice, I wish to play against Turkey again, in the final match!”

Poland coach Pec Andrzey : “in the last day match of the second round against Serbia we didn’t play at our standards, we were not fresh because of the match against Brazil, it was so long and we had no time to relax”.
“Now we have to think about the semifinal match against China and recover not only physically, but mentally too, because we lost our concentration against Serbia.”

Serbian coach Milan Grsic: “Now we are looking forwards to the semifinal match against Turkey. In semifinal it doesn’t matter which team we will play because it is to be or not to be.  Turkey play with all the fans supporting with a lot of excitement. And we need to deal with that pressure.”
 “I think that our best qualities are the serve and block, so we have to improve them at the best. “It has been a big success for us to be here in the semifinals, so we have just to enjoy the experience.”

Turkey coach Sahin Catma: “We will play against Serbia in the semifinal, but this is not a new situation for us, we have already played against them in the European Championship in April, two times we won, and one lost. That means we know them very well. I’m sure we are going to beat them, because we play better. I hope to play again against China in the final.”

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