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Surfing - 25. February 2008.


AOI KOIKE a veteran Pipeline rider took the title in today’s contest in 4-6 foot Pipeline. Conditions were excellent all day and Koike was consistent pulling solid el rollos and positioning herself deep on the peek. In the final on her last wave Koike claimed the event by doing an “ars” maneuver, (air, roll, spin) with great style and finesse. It was a classic finished with the entire Japanese contingent carrying her up the beach to the award presentation. “I was trying to do the ars all day and I finally could do one in the final on my last wave, I have (been) practicing for three years,” explained Koike. “This is the best to win at Pipeline, it means very much to me!” The maneuver was in fact the second clean one she performed in the contest setting her apart from other competitors. This was Koike’s second win in an event at Pipeline.

            In second place was Rita Perez from Portugal. Perez was a solid performer with outstanding wave selection. Waves had dropped in the 20-minute final, which made for tricky wave selection. Brazilian born Claudia Ferrari (Brz/Hi) was able to find one good right to put her in third and Leila Alli (brz/Hi) had a “shocker” and never found a high scoring wave, and ended up in fourth place.  The Men’s competition will continue tomorrow waves permitting.

For additional information please go to the listed sites. For photos: vince@vincecavataio.com

http://www.wahineblue.com                 http://www.bodyboard.org/

http://www.bodyboarding.tv/usba/        http://www.ibatour.com


Banzai Productions banzaibetty.com banzaib@hawaii.rr.com 808-781-2535

Last year’s winners: 8-15 foot Pipeline 1. Daniella Freitas Brz/Hi 2. Kira Llewllyn Aust. 3. Aoi Koike Jpn 4. Leila Alli Brz/Hi

The event is being webcast at www.ibatour.com/webcast & usbamag.com/webcast

Any inquiries, contact Terry McKenna terry@ibatour.com or media@ibatour.com

or for USBA inquires jason@bodyboarding.tv or usbatour@gmail.com


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