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Figure Skating - 17. February 2011.

2011 Figure Skating Four Continents - Pairs Short Quotes Taipei Arena - Taipei City

Amanda Evora (Sugar Land, Texas / Southwest Florida FSC) and Mark Ladwig
(Fargo, N.D./Moorhead, Minn. / Red River Valley FSC) - 52.23 (6th place)

(on boot breaking midway through short program)

ML - "I had a fall on the toe loop and my boot had a little bit of a
problem, it came unglued a little bit so I'll be fixing it tonight. This
is Rudi Swieger of Canada's boot who has a size 9, thank God. It's a
little roomier in the toes than mine. I couldn't do everything I planned
in the program but I did pretty well."

(on continuing program and looking forward to tomorrow)

AE - "Out of the things that I can control, to tell you the truth, I was
kind of disappointed in myself right in the beginning. I popped my jump
for the first time this season. Unfortunately, we had the skate boot
problem and we were lucky enough to have another skate and be able to
finish our short in order to do a very good long tomorrow. It was an
experience you can't really prepare for or want but we got through it
together. I'm very proud of Mark and am excited about skating again

(on helping Ladwig by offering boot to finish the program)

Rudi - "I don't really know what to say. Mark has been a good friend of
ours. We've trained down in Sarasota with him for a couple of years now.
I just felt he would do it for me. The least I could do is offer. When
the zoomed in on the broken heel, I figured I would grab my skates, run
down and offer and see if he could do it. Mark would do it for me
because he is a great guy."

Mary Beth Marley (Downers Grove, Ill. / DuPage FSC) and Rockne Brubaker
(Algonquin, Ill. / All Year FSC) - 45.60 (10th place)

(on program)

RB - "It was OK. Definitely not one of our best skates but we fought
through everything and so I think that's a good thing. We felt good out
there. Stamina-wise, we felt good. (This competition) is just the first
step in kind of a long process."

Caitlin Yankowskas (Pelham, N.H. / Colonial FSC) and John Coughlin
(Kansas City, Mo. / Kansas City FSC) - 55.25 (4th place)

(on program)

JC - "We left a lot of points out there but we are happy with our best
component scores internationally ever even with the mistakes so we
didn't let the mistake affect the performance which is great. Very happy
we are sitting in fourth with some mistakes. That makes us feel that we
are pretty dangerous if we skate clean."

(on free skate tomorrow)

JC - "We love doing that long program. We love getting through the short
to get to that long. I think we're going to feel a lot more relaxed out

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