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Volleyball - 03. September 2007.

2007 FIVB Youth Volleyball World Championships in Mexico: a big success

It was almost a full month of competitions in Tijuana and Mexicali, 4 weeks devoted to the world’s strongest young teams, a fair play fight to discover the best players for the future of Volleyball.

This FIVB event, the first to be hosted by Mexico since 1981, was closed with a spectacular final five-setter match between Iran and China, where hundreds of members of this two strong foreign communities living in Mexican Baja California and USA California, were there to support their teams. Those Iranian and Chinese fans showed an extraordinary proof of devotion to their teams, because they left their daily occupations and went to cheer for their colors in such a big number, that hundreds of people remained outside the hall and could not see the Final.


Inside the Sports Hall, the Iranian side was very well organized, as they even had a cheerleader that conducted, with blowing horns and whistles, the support for the new world champions. On the other side, the Chinese fans came with their red flags and their noisy platters and formed some kind of orchestra with songs and hurrahs for their team.


An epic final match closed with golden seals an outstanding event, and in the stands we enjoyed this duel of cheerful fans and supporters that created a magic atmosphere.


The Final match between Iran and China attracted an audience of more than 4000 persons, which shows that Volleyball continues to be a magnet for spectators and media alike.


Photo credited to FIVB.  


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