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Volleyball - 07. August 2012.

“I don’t know if my heart can cope with much more" says Brazilian coach Ze Roberto

Brazil libero Fabiana Oliveira commented after the 3-2 win over Russia: “We prepared very well for the match against Russia today. The Russian team won all their matches in the preliminary stage, obviously they’re good. But today we played very well, nothing else was on our mind. We are very happy to win the quarterfinals today. We’re only one game away from reaching the final. We had several matches against Russia before, this one was very important. We have the right spirit against them”.

“I am really, really happy. Today I felt from the beginning that we would win. The feeling in the team was brilliant, so I am so happy” said Brazil star and top scorer Sheilla Castro. “Japan will be a really hard match and they will be really different from Russia. But today we are just thinking about the win we just had. Tomorrow we will look at Japan and concentrate on them”. About that come-from-behind win she added: “We always thought the game was ours and not Russia’s. I was really confident throughout the game. A victory is always important to make us feel confident. We can’t have too much confidence to play Japan. We need more patience as they defend a lot. We will calm down and then we will think about Japan”.

“I don’t know if my heart can cope with much more, oh my God. This game was a bit close and difficult, but my players knew what to do. The defence responded well because Russia are very good on the attack” said coach Jose Guimaraes. About the upcoming semifinal with Japan: “I didn’t see the game (Japan v China) and, honestly, I don't have the head to talk about Japan”.

Russia coach Sergey Ovchinnikov said after his side failed to capitalize on six match balls in the tie-break: “You cannot replay the situation, they could have performed better. I agree, we could struggle more and our defense had some problems. We should have thought our strategy better. But life doesn’t end at this point”.
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