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Other Sports - 27. August 2012.

Preparation in China, the Chosen Formula for Natalia Partyka

Defeat at the quarter-finals stage of the Women’s Singles event at the GAC GROUP 2012 ITTF World Tour Harmony China Open in Suzhou on Saturday 25th August but it was undoubtedly Natalia Partyka’s best ever performance at a Tour tournament.

Never before had she reached the last eight in a Women’s Singles event.

It bodes well for the forthcoming Paralympic Games where she will defend her Women’s Singles Class 10 title.

Successfully through the qualification stage in Suzhou, she excelled to beat Chinese Taipei’s Lee I-Chen and Singapore’s Yu Mengyu before eventually losing to China’s Fan Ying, the no.3 seed.

Climbing Rankings
Currently, Natalia Partyka stands at no.63 on the Women’s World Rankings; Lee I-Chen is at no.70, Yu Mengyu at no.31 and Fan Ying in the exalted heights of no.16.

Furthermore, Natalia Partyka would appear to be moving in the right direction.

At the beginning of the year she stood outside the top one hundred; only just, she was a no.101. It is very impressive progress and following her efforts in Suzhou she is set to go even higher.

She is peaking at just the right time for the Paralympic Games.

The Right Decision
However, having competed in the Olympic Games which ended with the Closing Ceremony on Sunday 12th August and the Opening Ceremony for the Paralympic Games being Wednesday 29th August, only 17 days apart, would she not have been more prudent to stay in Great Britain or her native Poland?

Travel is tiring and there is jet-lag; there is a seven hour time difference between Great Britain and China.

High Level Practice
Natalia Partyka thought otherwise.

"I went to the Tongzhou Training Base in China after the London Olympics”, she said. “I think it is a great way to help me better prepare for the Paralympics; I have stronger training partners to practice with, which helps me improve a lot."

Certainly, judging by her performance in Suzhou, she has benefitted from the Tongzhou Training Camp.

Not Satisfied with Olympic Performance
"I will arrive in London from Poland next Tuesday”, explained Natalia Partyka who was not that satisfied with her Olympic performance.

"I narrowly lost to Li Jie of the Netherlands; I should have done much better”, she added. “My goal is not only to win a gold medal for the third time in the Paralympics, but also to win a gold medal in the Olympics in the future."

Principal Adversary
Natalia Partyka is in form and determined, once again ready for the Paralympic challenge.

"Fan Lei is my arch rival and I hope I can continue to beat her to defend my title in London”, concluded Natalia Partyka. “Make no mistake Fan Lei is an excellent player."

Motivated and Ready
A tough opponent but Natalia Partyka is in fine form, motivated and it would seem prepared, most well prepared.
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